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Boss Bitch Mommy

A real look into juggling parenthood, your professional life, love life and keeping your sanity. You know, the shit that nobody wants to talk about.

Life is wonderful, roses, easy...wait what?! I don't think so. Life is hard, stressful, and a bit crazy. Lets get real. Let's talk about the struggles we face, and come together in our struggles, hilarious "oops" moments, and normalize things not always being ok or perfect. I hope you'll join me in this journey of acceptance and unity as we discover that we're not alone.

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Week 5 Quotes

Hello and welcome to week 5! The time has been flying by! I'm really loving writing these. I hope you're loving reading them. If you...

Week Quotes

Hello and welcome to week 4 quotes. I apologize that the blogs are a little different this week and last week. Things got a little wonky...

Week 3 Quote

Welcome back everyone! Thanks for continuing to come back every week to check in. I hope everyone's doing well and feeling fabulous. The...

Week 3- Relationships

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 3. Thank you so much for continuing to come back. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I hope you're...

Week 2 Quotes

Week 2- Quotes Hello and welcome to week 2 quotes. I appreciate you hanging in for another week to see what this lady is talking about....

Week 2 Ghost Story

Week 2 Ghost Story-Man In The Closet Hello and welcome to week 2 of the ghost stories. This is becoming so much fun for me! I am such a...

Week 2- Routines

Week 2 Blog- We’ve Got This! Hello and welcome to week 2 of Boss Bitch Mommy. Thank you so much for those of you who have come back for...

Week 1- Quotes

Hello all! Welcome to week one. I have a couple of quotes for you this week. Remember to laugh during the day as much as you can. I hope...

Week 1- Dive In

Hello everyone! Welcome to week one of Boss Bitch Mommy Blog. I hope this week has been treating you well. Why am I starting this blog?...

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