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I'm Baaaaccckkkk- Week 11

Hello everyone! Did you miss me?? I missed all of you. You may be wondering what happened and where this is all going. And you deserve an explanation.

When I was doing this, it brought me a lot of joy. I loved jumping on here weekly with ghost stories and just opening up about things in life. I had three subcription options. Well, I started to get a little busy and not be able to do the blog as well as I wanted. Then I took a little hiatus to focus on life and business. Now I'm back. And I want to stay back. I've also made the blog free. I do have a shop up, however. It's aimed at self love things. I'll also throw in some other items at times. But I decided that this is something that's really important to me. Not only did it help me, but I started to hear that it was helping others as well. When I left, people reached out and stated that they missed it and asked when I'd come back. So, I'm back. I'm so very excited to jump in again. I need your help. I'll run out of ghost stories to tell very soon. I was also thinking of opening it up to things other than just ghost stories. What are close calls people have had with not only the supernatural, but the weird in general? Stories that have been important life lessons? I so very much encourage you to be as interactive as you can. Send me some stories! Send me some topics that you'd like to discuss. Ask questions. Lay out what's been going on in your head/heart/soul. We bare all here. Let's do it together. Also, lets spread the word! This can be our weekly meeting. Our very real and uncut safe place to see that life can be so hard, but so beautiful. Let's lift each other up and offer support. Please share this blog with everyone. I encourage subscribers from all over and of all kinds. Thank you so much for your patience, and for returning with me.

This week, there will be two main blogs (this one and another), and a supernatural story. There will also be some quotes. Let's dive in!

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