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Week 1 Spooky Story-Residual Birth

Hi everyone! Welcome to week one of the ghost stories. Why is this here? On a mommy business blog? We all need some distraction. I personally love to distract myself with ghost stories. I both love being spooked and love letting my mind wander somewhere else for a bit. For this weeks story, this is a very true, personal ghost story from yours truly. Grab your snack and drink, and be ready to be a bit chilled.

I'm lucky enough to work remote at the time. Before I went remote, I was in the office doing computer work. I won't mention where I work, but it's in an old hospital. I know what you're thinking...this is the perfect set up for a haunted place! Well, it was. I sat with one co-worker in this small office. We had a great window view. We also had a door that we could close while on the phone with patients, so that the outside chatter would be avoided. On this day, my coworker (who had just started) was on the phone with a patient. We'll call her "K" and myself we'll call "Me". The following happened:

K- "What's that? No. It's just my coworker and I in here. She's not yelling or talking at all. What are you hearing?- Pause- Really? No. The door is closed. Nobody's talking besides myself. Oh that's really strange."

Then she proceeds with business as usual for the rest of the call. She hangs up.

Me- "What was that all about? That sounded a bit intense."

K- "It was weird. She said she could hear me talking, but in the background she could hear what sounded like a woman in labor. She could hear her grunting and yelling. She then proceeded to tell me that she could hear what sounded like a doctor telling her to push. She was hearing all of this go on in the background clear as day. She said it was very distinct. Weird."

I was absolutely shocked. Our door was closed at the time. If anybody were making those kinds of noises, we'd definitely be hearing it. I asked her if she'd known what this part of the old hospital was. She answered that she had not.

Folks, that part, that we were sitting in, used to be the old OB section of the former hospital. Babies were definitely present in that area. When I told her this, we just looked at each other and couldn't believe it. This patient, full on heard a birth in the background! It's also important to note that the general public did not come into our office. Nobody in the public should have known where we were. In that same office, I also did experience some strange sights and feelings. Walking through this old hospital alone, was definitely creepy.

That's it for week one! I'll have another one all ready to go next week. That one will also be a personal story. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support. I hope to keep seeing you here every week. Do you have ghost stories of your own? Feel free to submit it, and it may be published on the blog if you're willing. If you'd like it read, please let me know that I have your permission. Please also let me know if you'd like me to include your name or leave you anonymous. Thanks! Have a wonderful week!

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