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Week 3 Ghost Story- Haunted Roommate

Hello everyone! Welcome to spooktacular week 3. Thank you for your continued support for the blog. I'm loving writing these weekly. I hope you're loving everything so far. I would love any kind of feedback anyone may have. I would also love any of your super spooky tales to add. I can keep you anonymous if you'd prefer. Please feel free to reach out to share your stories. As has been the previous weeks, this week is another one of mine. This story is 100% true.

This story takes place at my old apartment. As I mentioned last week, it was a very active apartment. To give a little context, my son's father and I split when my son turned 1. As many do, my son and I moved back in with my parents for a couple of months, then we got into our own apartment. When we moved in, it was perfect. I was so ready to have a fresh start and be the best mom I could be and support us. At the time, I was working 3 different jobs to support us. The apartment was a really nice 2 bedroom apartment. It was bliss.

I first noticed something was off the first or second day we moved in. I had the crib set up in my son's room and had laid him down for his nap. I went back out into the living room to unpack boxes while I watched tv. My son was only about 40 minutes into his nap, when I all of a sudden heard him let out the most chilling, panicked scream. I was so shocked. I ran as fast as I could to his bedroom, tripping on boxes as I went. I had no idea what I'd find when I opened up his bedroom door. All I knew was that my son went from sleeping like a baby, to screaming in a second. I could hear the fear in it. When I reached his bedroom door, I threw it open to find my son, Phenton, leaning over his crib, his arms extended out as far as he could. He was reaching for me. I ran to his crib and picked him up, wondering if he may be injured. His eyes were wide and he was terrified. I did my best to console him, speaking in a calm tone, while checking him over at the same time to make sure he wasn't injured. I soon noticed, that he had his head buried into my shoulder. I watched him slowly pick up his head and look behind me. I saw him lock eyes with something or someone I couldn't see. Once he saw it, he would bury his head again into my shoulder. This same process continued for what felt like hours, but was probably only about 30-40 seconds. Of course, I didn't see anything. He would not only look behind me, but also to the sides. He was so scared. He was acting like someone was standing behind me, to the sides, everywhere. I finally caught on, and as loud as I could, I stated that this was our home now, and we are not meant to be scared. Once I stated this a few times, he all of a sudden became calm. He stopped yelling and crying, and he felt comfortable enough to look around again. He locked eyes with me and I could see the relief in his face. What a welcome to our new apartment!

Because I am feeling the spookiness so much tonight, here's another bonus story (or two) of the apartment.

This story took place during one of our nighttime routines. I had made dinner and stovetop chocolate pudding for dessert. Phenton was covered from his curly head to his toes, in the pudding. After some cleanup, I brought him to the bathtub to wash up. That's when I heard it. Was I imagining it? Did I leave the tv on? No. I distinctly heard someone rustling papers in the apartment. On my kitchen table? I had been doing finances earlier and had left them on the table. Someone was definitely in my apartment. I immediately closed and locked the bathroom door. I didn't know what to do at first. Phenton, luckily, had no idea we were in trouble. I didn't have my phone with me. I ended up draining the tub and wrapping in a towel. I left some toys around him. I made sure he was safe. I decided I had to do something. I found something heavy, and opened the door, and closed it behind me. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I just wanted to keep us safe. I thought I could take down whoever was in there. I continued to hear someone move through the apartment. They left a trail of rustling: papers, bags, anything. Someone seemed to be searching. For what, I don't know. I didn't even know how they got in there. Our apartment doors were always locked from the outside, and mine was always locked as well. I searched the living room, the kitchen, Phenton's room...nothing. I could hear this person move from room to room. I raised my voice to announce that I had a weapon and I would use it. I said that if they would leave, I would just let them go. I knew Phenton was still safe. I could hear him playing, and the bathroom door was still shut. I then heard this intruder in my bedroom. It was the very last room to check. I took a deep breath, and went in. The whole time I kept telling whoever to just leave, and that the cops were on their way. As I entered my room, I saw my window curtains move, as if someone were moving by them to duck next to the bed. I thought I had them cornered. I slowly walked over to where I thought they were hiding, ready to defend myself and get them out. I went to swing this object down, and nothing. Nobody. I checked under the beds, in closets, everywhere. There was absolutely nobody. Only then did I realize that I was chasing a ghost.

I met my husband while I was living at this apartment. We had worked in stores that were right next to each other. We had done an insane amount of flirting, and talking, when he finally asked me out on a date. It turned out that a mutual friend of ours was having a party, and Don asked if I'd go with him. I agreed instantly. I found myself folding and putting away laundry while I waited for him to come and pick me up from my apartment. Tis the life of a single mom working 3 jobs, hoping that he wouldn't come in and realize I wasn't Martha Stewart. My son was at his dads for the weekend. I found myself getting more and more anxious as the time of his arrival was to come. The last room I had to put laundry away in was Phenton's. I grabbed the pile of clothes, and walked to his doorway. I stopped. I couldn't bring myself to move forward. I found myself staring into the blacker than black room. The hair stood up on my arms. I felt like I could not go in there. I just couldn't move. All of a sudden, from the darkness came a noise I will never forget for as long as I live. It started low, but gained in volume and intensity. The only way I can describe it to you is a mixture of a growl and a cat meowing. It was unnatural. It was menacing. It was terrifying. It was startling, mostly because I didn't have a cat or any animal. My phone suddenly went off. My chariot had arrived. While this growl was still announcing itself, I threw the clothes in his room and ran out the door. I had a wonderful date and didn't think about it until the next day. Nothing was out of the ordinary when I returned. No animal had gotten into my apartment.

There are a few more to share with you, but this is already getting a bit lengthy. I'll share the others another time. Thank you for joining me for another week. I hope you find yourself enjoying these stories, and coming back week after week for more. Thank you everyone. Have a beautiful week!

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