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Week 5 Ghost Story- You Should Have Told Me Before You Moved In

Hello and welcome to week 5. How are you enjoying the blog so far? If you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know. I know I say this every week, but if you have any ghost stories of your own to share, please write them in. I'm starting to get somewhat low on material. Thank you for your continued support. Please, please share this blog with family and friends. More subscribers will ensure that it keeps going strong. Well, enough chit chat. You came here to be spooked. Here we go...

When I was 19, I was in college and dating my highschool sweetheart. We'll call him M. My best friend's wedding was up and I was unbearably moody for weeks. It was like a continuous PMS that wouldn't end. When I looked like a stuffed sausage in the bridesmaids dress that had just fit me weeks ago, and I missed my period, I had a good idea of what was up. A test confirmed that, indeed, we were bringing a wee one into the world. I was terrified as well as excited. M was as well. When I told him, he took it like a champ. I got the most romantic marriage proposal of my life, "So do I ask you to marry me now or something?" As sweet as it was, I turned it down. I gave M the option to be involved or not, and he stepped up to the plate and wanted to most definitely be involved. He, as well as his mom, gave me an offer to move into the house with them. I accepted.

It started out great. It was just M, his mom, his sister, myself, and the little bean in my belly. There were cats too. It wasn't long before the cats started acting a little funny. They would follow things that weren't there. They became a bit skiddish. One night I was at my parents house for a visit. I get this frantic phone call from M asking me to come home right away. He sounded absolutely panicked. I got home immediately and this is what he told me. He was home alone. He was sitting at his computer playing some games since he had some downtime. Our cat, Babs, was sitting on the computer desk right next to him napping. He all of a sudden heard foot steps. He said it sounded like someone with heavy shoes on, was walking on the hard wood floors. He froze. He suddenly saw Babs wake up since she heard it too. M had his back facing the door. M said that he heard the footsteps walking in the living room, down the hallway, and stop right at the doorway of the computer room that he was currently in. He looked at Babs who had locked her eyes on whatever was making those footsteps. He still couldn't bring himself to turn around to see who was in the doorway. Then one step into the room behind him, then another, then another. Slowly, someone walked into the room approaching M's back. Babs at this point was alert and her eyes were moving along with the intruder. Her ears suddenly went back and she recoiled like something was reaching out for her. As soon as the steps got right up to M's back, he could finally move. He jumped out of his seat and spun around. Nobody was there. At least, nobody that he could physically see.

While I was staying there, one of us would park in the garage and one of us would park out in the driveway. While I was pregnant, I got the garage. When we learned that little Phenton was on the way, M installed a cat door into the basement door, so that we didn't need to leave the door open at all times for the cats to go down and use the litter box. When I would park into the garage, I would go through the garage door into the house, and the basement door, and subsequently the cat door, were right there facing me as I would come in. M's soon found that his favorite thing to do was to hear me park into the garage and stick his head through the cat door right when I would walk in and scare the crap out of me. Being pregnant, it usually scared some pee out of me too. This became a fairly constant thing. One day I was in my normal routine coming home from work. I had parked in the garage and walked through the garage door. When I opened the door going into the house, there down in the cat door, I saw a long, white face looking at me. Like always, it really startled me. I jumped back and shouted some profanities at M. I had finally had enough. I dropped my things and whipped open the basement door to give him a piece of mind, and chase him as fast as my pregnant ass would allow. Only when I opened the door, M was nowhere to be seen. Nobody was. There were quite a few stairs leading to the basement. They were also wooden, so I would have been able to hear him heading down. I didn't hear a thing. I decided to go down and see where he was hiding. I found him. M was asleep at his computer with his headphones on. I mean he was really asleep. Drool and everything. I woke him up, and he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. When I really thought about it, there was no way he would have made it down those stairs so quiet and fast enough to not be seen before I whipped that door open. It was only seconds.

There was a night where we were just kind of hanging around the house getting chores and what not done. I was doing some laundry. M's sister had announced that she was leaving to go and see her boyfriend. About an hour later, I was just about finished with laundry. I was bent down at our dresser putting some clothes away. I didn't even bother with our light, since the hallway light was on, and it gave me just enough to see what I was doing. M was leaning in the doorway talking to me. I would occasionally look up from putting clothes away to show him that I was listening. I looked up again, and I saw her. She was shorter than he was. She was more my height. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail. It was shorter. She was a little more on the petite side. I couldn't see her face because she was standing directly behind M. She was so close to him. Her hands were down at her sides. I saw her and I stared for a few moments. I had thought that it was his sister about to play some joke on him, so I stayed quiet and waited for his scream. Nothing. I looked up again, and she was completely gone. He noticed my look of confusion, when I remembered that she had left an hour ago. He had asked what was going on. I had said, " I though J left for her boyfriends house." He responded that she did. An hour ago. My face must have said it all. He knew something was up. He said, "What did you see?" I was honest and told him. Nobody else in the house looked like that. By now, the experiences were happening more and more frequently. We would hear things, see things, and the cats were freaking out about things as well. M had said that they had never had anything like this until I had moved in. I then opened up about having experiences all of my life. As you can imagine, he wasn't too happy that I didn't share this before I moved in. I honestly didn't imagine things would stir up there.

The final thing happened one night after Phenton was born. Our little man was almost one. He was this little curly haired, vivacious boy who stole everyone's hearts. We were still all living together. M and I were doing our best to be amazing parents. During this time, our relationship was failing. We went on the back burner, and we spiraled fast. While Phenton was our priority, we weren't each others priority anymore. We were arguing all of the time. We started harboring resentment and just really didn't know each other anymore. We had fallen out of love. I was thinking of what to do next. We were constantly told to stay together for our son. Not to give him a broken home. We really did try to make it work. On this night, we had fought. I was out on the couch watching tv late. I was upset and just didn't know how much more of this I could take. All of a sudden I had something happen. Someone showed me my future. I know that sounds strange. It sounds strange right now typing this out. But it's true. I went into this kind of trance. I all of a sudden saw a future with M. I saw us progress over the years with our son. Our son was beautiful, but M and I were not happy. We were miserable. We continued to fight. Bad. Our future was more than was unhappy for all involved. It was tumultuous. I came to, terrified. I cried. I knew with everything I had, that that vision was real. It was a warning. We needed to change something. I tried for counseling, but it didn't work. We ended up making the decision to split. I know, in the end, that it was what was best for all 3 of us. M and I have our own lives and have joint custody of Phenton. Phenton is a smart, handsome, preteen who's full of life and happy. I know that we made the right choice. I know that the vision I had been shown was a warning. A choice. I was really holding onto a relationship that was over. That wasn't going to work anymore. It was a hard choice to make, but it ended up being the right one. A year later, I found the man that I married. I also gained a beautiful daughter, then we had another beautiful daughter.

Thank you for being here and reading my stories. All 5 weeks of these stories are my own! For one reason or another, I'm a pretty visited individual. I have a theory why; but I'll have to tell you about it another time. Have a great week everyone!

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