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Week 6 Ghost Story- Ghosts of Our Past

Hello and welcome to week 6 everyone. How are you enjoying the blog so far? I'm still really loving writing everything out for everyone. I'm still looking for ghost stories to add each week. If you're comfortable with sharing some of your own personal stories with me, I'd love to put it up on here and share with others. You can remain completely anonymous. Like every other week, this set of ghost stories are my own and 100% true.

I consider myself lucky to have traveled to some of the places that I have. I was born and grew up in Minnesota. I've been lucky enough to have traveled to a few places including Washington DC and Hawaii. These are two of the places where the supernatural world made itself known to me. I really believe that no matter where you go, there are some kind of spirits who are around. History has taken place everywhere. I really think that there are spirits everywhere that have either unfinished business, are visiting, reliving their lives, etc. I also believe there are other entities out there that we aren't too familiar with.

When I was a teenager, I spent about a week with my aunt and uncle. They lived in Virginia. At this point in life, they were retired and planned out an amazing trip for when I was there. My aunt would be a perfect professional at this type of thing. My trip was absolutely jam packed with sight seeing, great food, adventure etc. There honestly wasn't a dull moment. We went to DC to see the white house, we saw the Lincoln Memorial, we went to see Mount Vernon, and since she knew my supernatural interest, we took a day to go to Pennsylvania to see Gettysburg. This was a dream for me. I've always wanted to go there and experience it. We pulled up and I stepped out of the vehicle, and I could feel the energy. It almost had a heaviness to it. It felt very different there. We went out and toured the field. I ran my hand through the grass and just basked in the energy for a bit. I went there expecting to feel sadness, anger, fear. I instead felt a sense of extreme calm. It felt so peaceful. A lot of the buildings in Gettysburg are original and actually still have the bullet and cannon holes in them. A lot of these older homes have been turned into museums and tourist shops. We entered one older home that had been turned into a museum. This house had a lot of artifacts from the war in it. The ceiling has enormous holes from cannon fire. I was in awe as I walked through and encountered it's objects. Each one had it's own energy and it's own story. About half way through, nature had called and I needed to find a bathroom to empty my bladder. As I walked through, I all of a sudden got hit with a really bad stomach ache and terrible nausea. I had originally thought this was some revenge of some food consumed earlier in the day. As I continued to walk toward the bathroom and away from this spot, the stomach ache and nausea began to subside. I thought it was a bit strange, but was thankful that I was feeling back to normal. I found the bathroom, took care of business, and was on my way back to my aunt and uncle, when suddenly it struck again and I was walking. It hit so hard, that it doubled me over. It was really intense. I finally got enough wit about me to check my surroundings and pay attention. As I looked around me, I realized that I was in the same spot as I was the first time it hit. As I looked I saw it. I was in front of a doctors table. Once I noticed it, I really looked at it and paid attention. This was a table that was brought into this house and used for amputations, illnesses, everything. People lost limbs and died on this table. I immediately knew that this was the cause of my stomach upset. Not only was the energy from this table causing this, but I truly believe someone was trying to get my attention. I definitely got some strange looks from others who noticed my reaction. Once I walked away from it a second time, the stomach ache once again subsided.

Once the sun had set, my lovely aunt and uncle had surprised me with a haunted ghost tour of Gettysburg. I was absolutely over the moon excited. Could this get any better? We started the tour and saw different buildings and heard the stories behind their role in the war. I was so enthralled. We soon made it to what was now a college. They had talked about a small boy who haunts this college. Something kept my attention on this one window. At first I didn't know why I was so invested in it. The tour started to move on without me, but I couldn't leave this spot. As I stared at the window, a light appeared. Not a normal light, almost a huge orb. I turned behind me to see who could have been shining a flashlight in that area. Nobody. I turned back, and it was still there. It was just moving up and down and all around this one window. Like it wanted to come in. My uncle came up behind me at this point to pull me along with the rest of the tour, and stopped mid sentence when he looked up to see what I was watching. He asked, "what's that light?" So it wasn't just me. We both watched it move all around on the outside of the window. We couldn't find any source for it. The next stop was at a church. We made our way and found ourselves standing there a bit before the rest had caught up. Apparently we weren't the only ones lagging behind a bit. As we were standing there, something strange happened. I got this download of information from someone I couldn't see. I had never seen or heard of this church before. I wasn't familiar with it in the slightest. I all of a sudden knew someone was shot on the stairs and died. I knew he was a priest. I knew why he was shot. It was so strange. I leaned over and told all of this to my aunt. She looked at me and said, "how do you know that? Have you read up on this before?" I told her I hadn't. Everyone had gotten there finally, and the tour guide started her story. I'm sure you can guess what she had said. A priest had died here. Shot on the steps of the church. My aunt just stared at me. Earlier in the tour, the guide had talked about people in town smelling cherry cigar smoke. Apparently a previous resident would walk the streets and sidewalk smoking his pipe with his cherry tobacco. At this point, the tour had ended and we were walking down the street to our vehicle. We were talking about all of the things we had learned and boom. We got hit with this very strong scent of cherry tobacco. We were immediately a bit suspicious since they had talked about this very thing on the tour. My uncle bent down and checked for little pipes emanating this scent. He couldn't find anything. We thought it was strange and kept walking. There was a group of another 3 or 4 people behind us, and we all of a sudden heard them exclaim, "Do you smell that? Is that cherry tobacco?"

When I was in highschool, I was a proud member of the marching band. One year over Thanksgiving, we took a trip to Hawaii. We ditched our warm clothes for shorts and tank tops. We swam in the ocean, watched cruise liners, went parasailing, and just enjoyed the warmth. We played music on the historic USS Missouri. We took a day to go to the Pearl Harbor memorial. This place is absolutely amazing. It also holds a place in my heart because my paternal grandpa was there during the attacks. He was a crew member on the USS California. Fortunately, he had made it out of the attack and went on to live a long and happy life. Unfortunately, there was an enormous amount of people who weren't so lucky. While we were there, we learned about what had happened. I was all of a sudden visited by a young man who would stay by my side throughout the tour. I felt him immediately. I couldn't see him. As soon as he showed up he let me in. I felt his emotions. I heard him, in a different way, tell me his story. He let me feel his fear. He let me feel his sadness. He told me how afraid they were. We made our way into the building where they had us watch a movie of the attack. This man sat next to me. During this movie, while they were showing footage of the attack, he spoke up, "Do you see now? Do you see what we went through? Do you feel how afraid we were? We were so young. We didn't know what was happening." And I did see. I did feel. I was so afraid. I was so sad. I was so scared. I didn't want to die. I felt what was he was projecting. It was so unbelievable. It was so intense that I couldn't handle it. I burst out crying. I was yelling. I was so upset. My classmates looked at me startled. I had some put their arms around me asking what was going on. All I could say was that it was so horrible. Nobody knew that I had this inside look.

Well, that's it for this week. I hope that you enjoyed these stories. It was such an experience to get these inside looks at our history. Have a great week. I'll see you back here next week.

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