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Week 7 Ghost Story- Member Stories

Hello and welcome to week 7! Holy cow the time is flying right on by. I really hope you've been enjoying the blog so far. I've been getting some awesome feedback. I'd love to hear what you think so far. It seems that the email account attached to the website isn't working properly. If you've been trying to send some messages but they haven't come through, I apologize. I've set up an email account: This week we have some member stories. I'm so excited to share some member content. Let's jump right in!

This first story comes to us from a dear friend of mine. We'll call him J. Thank you so much J for sharing your story.

Once when I was a teenager, I was sleeping at home alone, as everyone else was at a family event, and I just felt off so I stayed home. Throughout the night the feeling had gotten worse and I was getting uneasy. I decided to go to bed early (around 9-10pm). I woke up in a panic around 11:30 and couldn't move. I just lied in bed there staring at the face that was peering back at me from the ceiling. It wasn't a face in the room looking at me...but the ceiling seemed to be looking at me. I was frozen in place for what felt like hours. Locking eyes with the room was an odd feeling. Almost like someone I once knew was there but I couldn't determine who it may have been. When I finally gathered my strength and moved, the face was gone. As soon as I was able to sit up, the feeling was completely gone. I felt somehow stronger and more connected to the spiritual realm. From that day on, I've always heeded those feelings and plotted a course to investigate the feeling. I have never had as strong of an experience as this again, but I feel the same entity once every few years. Almost as if it were checking in on me again and again over time. Thank you so much for sharing that story with us J. That was chilling. How are you doing now? Have you had any other experiences?

Our next story comes to us from my own hubby, Don. Don has had some very chilling experiences throughout his life and is ready to open up and talk about it. While growing up, Don, along with his siblings, would go from Moms house to Dads house. Their family soon discovered that they shared their space with an entity. The first one to lay eyes on this specter, was his mom. She said she was taking a bath and relaxing, when she suddenly felt like someone was looking at her. She happened to look at the mirror and she saw a face looking back at her. She noticed that the face seemed to be that of a younger teen boy from the 50's. She became startled and he had disappeared. About 3 years later, Don was home alone. He had just come home from school and he was on his way to his bedroom upstairs. He happened to walk by the basement steps on his way, and when he looked down he saw a male peeking around the corner of the basement looking up the steps at him. He seemed to be a younger teenager. Don noticed that he had on a lettermans jacket on. He looked like a teenager straight out of the 50's with slicked back hair, the jacket and blue jeans. As suddenly as he saw him, the teenage boy disappeared. The only other times this teenage boy was seen would be in Dons dreams. He never showed himself again, that he knows of.

Our last story comes from Don and I both. To set the scene, Don and I were out looking for our very first home. At this point, we had been dating for about 7-8 months, and knew that we were in it for the long haul. My uncle was our realtor and was taking us from house to house to find our perfect place. The houses we had looked at were not quite what we had in mind. Some were in rougher shapes than others, but we were enjoying ourselves. We found ourselves in this one house that's actually close to where we live now, 9 years later. We knew right away that it wasn't for us. We decided to look through it anyway because everyone had made the trip out there. I was upstairs looking from room to room. I was checking out the bathrooms and seeing what kind of space the house had to offer. I had finished looking, and wanted to go find Don to see if he was satisfied with his walk through. I couldn't find him at first. I looked all over the top floor and realized he wasn't with me. I came to the top of the steps leading to the basement and saw him standing at the very bottom just staring into a room downstairs. I could tell immediately by the look on his face that something was happening. It felt very wrong. I called his name to get his attention, but he wouldn't answer. It was almost like he couldn't even see or hear me. I started heading downstairs to see what was going on. As I descended the stairs, his gaze never left that side room in the basement. As I made it to the bottom step and found myself right in front of him, I said his name one last time. He finally broke the silence. "There's something in there." I turned my head to look and see what he was staring at. I saw it too. There was a laundry room. The lights were off. It was dark in there. There was a window that was providing some illumination, so we could still see some details in the room. There, in the middle of this laundry room was a blacker than black figure. It was just standing there. It didn't really have a specific shape to it. My reaction to this figure was a very fast and abrupt one. When I laid my eyes on it, it wasn't what it looked like that made me scream. It was what I felt. As an empath, feelings are very real. They're very strong. We can feel them from across the room. We know when others are angry, sad, happy etc. I felt a wall of anger. Of hate. It seethed it. It projected it directly at me. The feeling this being gave off was so intense, that all I could do was scream, grab Dons hand, and run very fast up the stairs. From Don's point of view: Don had found his way downstairs to check out the rooms. He remembers walking down the steps and he realized there was a doorway to his left at the bottom of the steps. When he turned around to look, there was the doorway, but he also saw a big cloud or block in the doorway. He knew it wasn't just the dark. There was something there. He didn't hear me calling out his name. The next thing he remembers is me showing up in front of him, screaming, and pulling him upstairs.

That's it for this week. I would absolutely love more listener stories. Please reach out. I can include your name or keep you anonymous. Thanks so much for hanging in for another week. Have a great week and I'll see you back here next time.

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