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Week 9- Check In

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another week. How has everyone been? What are you snacking on this week? Right now I'm eating a turkey stick and some flavored water. I can't get enough of this stuff. The flavor is peach nectarine. Here we go...

This week is going to be a little different. This week I don't have a specific theme. I'll admit that I struggled a bit with finding what kind of a topic to write. I came up with different ideas, but non of them really seemed to fit. So I'm going with something that does. I just want to chat about different things. Let's check in. We've covered a lot of different topics...relationships, self love/care, helping others, careers etc. What have been some struggles for you lately? What have been hurdles that you are unsure of? If anyone wants to send me a message with anything on their mind, my email is I'd love to hear from you and help talk out any issues that are bothering you.

Right now, COVID is probably front and center for a lot of people. It has thrown a wrench into our lives. It has changed the way we do just about everything. This has been going on for a year now. A year. Our kids were in a hybrid system, then home for months, now back to hybrid, and going back to full time. A lot of people are in this boat. At first, it wasn't too bad. It started out as being something a bit different. We thought it wouldn't last too long, and our kids were safe. Not only did life change for our kids, they changed for us too. A lot of us came home from work, and a lot of us lost our jobs. We found ourselves all cooped up together with limited privacy and frustrations boiling over. We get concerned about our health more than ever and the health of our closest family and friends. Our social lives are nearly at a standstill. Even the least social of us are now missing being able to go out. Frustrations are at a boiling point. These times are so hard and we don't know when things will start looking up a bit. A lot of people are feeling these stressors. If you're one of them, you aren't alone. How can we manage these feelings? As we talked about before, self care and love is important. You need to make sure that you are a priority. It's ok to take a step back and take a little break. Take some time to do something for you. That makes you happy. Communication is also going to be a huge help right now. When we get pretty frustrated, communication can lack and cause further issues. It's important to not only communicate your needs to those closest with you, but to also be open and listen to what those closest to you need as well.

What are some other issues that are bothering you? How about the transition of the kids going back to school? That's one I'm struggling with a bit. On one hand, I'm nervous for them to go back because I'm worried for their health. Like a lot of people, COVID scares me. I have a realistic fear of it. I don't want to see anyone get sick from this, including my family/friends and myself. The thought of my kids getting sick is terrifying to me. On the other hand, I think they need that interaction so bad. My youngest lost some of her independence when she came home. They all miss their friends and that daily routine. I'm very excited for them to get some of this normalcy back into their lives. How are you feeling about this?

How's everyone's mental health coming along? Rough? Tell me about it. The frustrations mentioned earlier can spiral and add up, leaving our mental health in a less than savory state. What are you doing to make sure you're feeling your best? There are so many apps and youtube videos for meditation. There are journals for keeping track of your thoughts and concerns. There are people you can talk to and open to about where you're headspace is at. There are some really healthy ways to deal with stressors and issues. Exercise is a big one that helps me. When I'm feeling overwhelmed/stressed/anxious, I really look forward to exercising. I go for a run or lift some weights, and I put forward any issues I'm dealing with, and just think through it while I workout. It really does help. I finish feeling amazing. I also do my best to let those closest to me in. I'll talk with people on the phone, message, or talk to Don in person, and just open up the gates. It really helps to bounce things off of someone else and get some perspective from others. Work at taking care of yourself just as much as you take care of others. Drink your water. Eat healthy. Get plenty of sleep (I'm terrible at this). Get plenty of exercise. We can't be there for others if we can't take care of ourselves. Make sure you're checking in with those close to you. We all need help at times. We all face struggles. Let's support each other. Let's make sure we're taking care of ourselves and others.

Thanks for hanging in this week. I just thought it would be nice to check in and just talk about things that a lot of us can be experiencing. If you have anything bugging you or anything you'd like to see brought up on the blog, please email me. Have a fantastic week everyone.

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