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Week 9 Ghost Story

Hello everyone. Welcome to week 9 ghost stories. I hope everyone has had a great week. I'm excited to tell you this week's stories. This week we have something a little different. Let's jump right in!

This first story is a bit different. This one really isn't a ghost story. This one has to do with what some call a coincidence. This story has always intrigued me, and I've been trying to find a way to get it in. This story takes us back to 1941 in Hawaii. There was a young man who was stationed on the ship U.S.S California stationed in Pearl Harbor. This young man found himself leaning over the edge of the ship looking into the dark water and the night sky talking with his Commander. "Sir, do you think we're in danger here? Could we ever be attacked here?" "No, I don't think that could happen." What could have prompted that question? A feeling? A fear? Let's fast forward to December 7th, 1941. This young man finds himself on the ship early in the morning. He, among others are in their t-shirts and underwear, having just woken up shortly before. He looks over his buddy's shoulder reading the paper, when all of a sudden an attack starts. He hears gunfire, bombs going off, yelling, chaos. The attack on Pearl Harbor had begun. These men had moments to respond. In moments, reality had gone from a peaceful morning, to life changing events. This young man all of a sudden went into fight and recovery mode. He and his buddy acted, and started seeing what they could do to help. They were all of a sudden running through the ship and were planning to head down the stairs to the bottom of the ship. As they were on their way down, the witnessed one of their friends being carried upstairs by some of their crewmates. In seeing that their friend was injured and being rushed upstairs, the young man and his friend suddenly changed their course and headed upstairs. Moments after this happened, a bomb fell through the top of the ship, and went right into the bottom. If this young man and his friend had continued to the bottom, they could very well have lost their lives. The young man made it out of Pearl Harbor with his life. He found himself being rescued with others. Many did not make it out. So why is this story here? I think it's amazing. What are the odds that it was a coincidence that he changed his course? Was this divine intervention? A guardian angel? He was meant to be here. That man lived a long life. He went on to do so much good in his life. He helped others at every turn. His actions, intentions, and deeds touched so many peoples lives. He made an impact. That man was my grandfather.

A couple of years ago, I had something very traumatic happen to me. It was something that changed my life. It's something that can never be undone. I had what I call warning signs before this event happen. Different things kept on happening to prevent me from going to that place. At the time, I thought it was just inconvenience and coincidences that were popping up. Knowing what I know now, they were signs. Do not go! It started small, I was running late. I had some last minute stuff come up at home and had trouble getting out the door. It was just one thing after another. Once I finally got out the door, I went to my car and my tire was flat! What??? Ug! I almost canceled my plans at that point. It was unbelievable. I was able to get my flat tire switched with a spare and went anyway. Looking back, these were definitely signs that I shouldn't have gone. I really think that someone or something was telling me to not go. After this thing happened, while talking to Don, he said that he also had a terrible feeling that day that I shouldn't go. He even told me that he thought of leaving work to come and find me. What are these? What is it that warns us that something bad is coming? What is it that can even possibly change our course to go the other way?

This last story is also a bit different. This one is a cryptid story. I used to work at a hospital a few towns over. My shift would start at 3:30 in the afternoon, and it would end at 9:30. Sometimes I would get out on time, and at other times I would leave a bit late. Driving out of the hospital, the road wound between two fields. On this particular night, I found myself driving down this road listening to music, happy to be going home. As I was going through these fields, my headlights all of a sudden fell onto a being running out of one field, crossing the road in front of me, and running into the other field. It happened so fast, but I noticed that it was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. It was bipedal. It's legs were long and had a distinct bend in them. They had hair on them, and were long and lean. The being itself was tall. It had a long, lean body and was covered in hair. There seemed to be a tuft of hair on top of it's head. It moved very fast. Faster than any person I'd ever seen. It happened very fast, but it was long enough to know that it wasn't like anything else I'd ever seen. To this day, I've never seen it again. I have no idea what it was.

Thank you for joining me this week. I really appreciate you joining in. Have a great week.

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